Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: A Beauty Splurge or Save… Makeup Edition


Hello my loves! I have decided each week to put together a guide on which beauty products requires splurging at a Sephora or can save by heading to your local drugstore . Today’s post will specifically cover the be essentials that complete your makeup collection.

Just like your wardrobe, some items require spending more money than others. A tailored blazer or trench coat are pieces worth splurging on because they are timeless and will never go off trend. Well, that is the same logic you want to follow when thinking how much to spend on a makeup product.


1) A Foundation- Personally, I prefer splurging on a foundation. I just find the drugstore brands tend to cause breakouts and does not blend well on my face.

Recommend- DiorSkin Nude// Makes my skin look flawless and has amazing coverage

2) Makeup Brushes- The drugstore brushes I have used would not blend the product well and tends to break/ fall apart very quickly.

Recommend- Too-faced brushes, it Cosmetics (best foundation brush ever), and bare minerals

3) A Pigmented Eyeshadow- Drugstore eyeshadows work fine if you are going for a natural look, but they are not pigmented and does not last.

Recommend- Urban Decay// SO many colors to choose from and are extremely pigmented.

4) Eyeshadow Primer

Recommend- Urban Decay or Too-Faced// Avoids creasing and has pretty shimmer colors.


1) Mascara- I actually find drugstore Mascaras to work 10xs better than a high-end brand.

Recommend- ANY Maybelline Mascara// Works magic on my eyelashes

2) Eyeliner- Liquid or Pencil

Recommend- Liquid//L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Pencil// L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner

*As you can see I love L’Oreal eyeliner*

3) Blush – I find it does not matter where you purchase blush, but it matters how/where you apply the product

Recommend- Tarte// The colors are so pretty for fair skin

-I also like Revlon’s blushes, which I find myself going back to

4) Concealer- I switch on and off with using my YSL touch up concealer or Maybelline’s eraser concealer.


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