Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: The Royal’s Princess Eleanor…


I was impressed with the premiere of E’s new show, The Royals. I would say it is a combination of Gossip Girl and Reign. The newly show has it all- title, power, money, hot guys, and over-the-top fashion.

Specifically, I gravitated towards Princess Eleanor’s character. She is a free-spirited bad girl. Eleanor’s bold personality is depicted through her risky wardrobe and makeup choices. I love how she looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on a couture dress she found on her bedroom floor.


Beauty-> There is no such thing as “day or night makeup” when it comes to Eleanor’s signature look. No matter the time, she wears an intense smokey eye, loads of mascara, and a severe cat eye.


Fashion-> Eleanor’s style is edgy glam. She always incorporates bling into her outfits- whether it be a sparkly sequined dress, a silver shirt, or dramatic jewelry. She tends to stick with a black and gray color palette, but surprises with a rare pop of color.


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