Outfit of The Day: A Little Bold Never Hurt Nobody…

IMG_7531 IMG_7534 IMG_7542

IMG_7543  Today’s Outfit of the Day was more eclectic as well as loud.

Makeup- A Purple eyeshadow as a base, a pink shadow for the outer crease, and a chocolate brown as a transition color. TONS of mascara; dramatic lashes are a must.

Clothes- I discovered at a boutique called the Little Black Dress. Usually, I would never in a million years wear something so colorful and flashy, but I was feeling bold. Personally, I love this shade of orange. I think it compliments my hair color and ivory skin perfectly.

Hair- Sleek and Straight. I tried something new from my usual mid-part.  I find it amazing how something so small like changing your hair part can transform your whole look.


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