Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: The Best Hair Product Purchase…

IMG_7071   I recently purchased the Tangle Teezer at Sephora. A twenty dollar purchase for a hair brush might some unnecessary, but I promise it is worth every cent. I bulleted reasons on why you should purchase this miracle worker.

1) Removes ANY knots from your hair. The name speaks for itself. This brush eliminates all knots, no matter how thick the hair is.

2) Does not rip out hair. It requires a gentle stroke of the brush, so expect healthier hair because of the lack of breakage.

3) Easy to travel. The brush is so small, which allows carrying around wherever you travel. In addition, it has a a cover up that protects the bristles.

4) The pretty coating. I admit, I am a sucker for anything pretty looking. The tangle tweezer has different patterns you can choose from.

5) Teasing your hair is WAY easier. The size of the brush allows more control on how much you want to tease. You can create dramatic, big hair in seconds.



Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: The Oscar’s Best Dressed…

Jamie Chung// Yanina


Catt Sadler// Charbel Couture


Dakota Johnson// Yves Saint Laurent (My Favorite)


Marion Cotillard// Dior


Lupita// Calvin Klein by Francisco Costa


Zoe Saldana //Versace


Sienna Miller//Oscar del la Renta


Julianne Moore// Chanel Haute Couture


Reese Witherspoon// Tom Ford


Kiera Knightly// Valentino


Jennifer Lopez// Elie Saab


Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: A 1920s Inspired Fashion Show By Marchesa….

Marchesa’s Fall 2015 collection was inspired by a 1920’s flapper. Despite the diversity of styles and looks, Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman incorporated fringe and glitz into every design.  Also, the hair was styled like the classic short bob that every flapper wore. The makeup was definitely more dramatic with a dark red lip and defined eyes.

My Favorite looks:




This dress was by far the highlight of the whole collection. Everything about it depicts a modern version of the 1920’s flapper. There are so many ideas incorporated into the dress, yet it embodies simplicity and glamour. There is no doubt that stylists fought to have this gorgeous frock for their clients. I am waiting for this beauty to get the perfect red carpet moment.

Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: A Pretty in Pink Purchase…


Every time I step foot into Sephora, I can not help but make a purchase. Can you blame me? All the glittery eyeshadows and flawless brushes are enough to leave a girl in awe. I spend hours going through the different shades of lipsticks or finding the right shade of foundation.

Lately, I gained an obsession with Urban Decay’s products. (I would thank Kaushal Beauty’s makeup tutorials for that.) During my weekly Sephora visit, I stumbled upon a gorgeous pink color, called Woodstock. Wearing this color depicts confidence, originality, femininity, and boldness. I can not wait to experiment with my new eyeshadow…

IMG_7067 Urban Decay Woodstock Eyeshadow//$18

Urban Decay Mini Primer// $13

Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds: A Kate Spade Fall 2015 Collection…


Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers. Her designs are opulent, yet affordable. I am known to always carry around a Kate Spade bag at all times.

Kate’s Fall 2015 Collection was to die for. The array of garments and accessories were impeccable. Her raiments on the market always manage to be effortlessly chic. Her newly featured collection reminds me of a young, free-spirited girl prancing along the streets of Paris. Kate Spade takes “pretty in pink” to the next level.

IMG_6985  Stylist Brad Goreski



Her accessories were my favorite part. They were eccentric, fun, and luxurious.



I am obsessed with this strawberry cake clutch. Marie Antoinette would have adored Kate Spade for designing two of her favorite things: fashion and cake.

Audrey’s Sweet Little Finds… A Dakota Johnson Obsession…


Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Tonight, I ended Valentine’s day watching Fifty Shades of Grey. I am a huge fan of the books, so I was well prepared to make critical reviews about the movie. Although, I have to say overall, the movie was a success. There were definitely parts in the book that I wished they mentioned in the movie, but time was an issue.

Dakota Johnson is Anastasia Steele. While reading, I envisioned her as the character. I have to admit she is my new obsession. There is something so unique about her. She is not the average beauty, but interesting to look at- maybe it is the slope of her nose or the way she smiles….


1391701374_dakota-johnson-elle-zoomDakota Johnson